The Wakeup Machine

Back in 2011-2013 or so, this was originally supposed to be a music blog. Life, politics, the Meme Wars, COVID etc intervened. After I sold the old house back in 2019, I no longer had room for a dedicated music studio. I did try to work laptop-only for awhile, but honestly, that has never worked […]

never again (disquiet junto)

I’d been lurking (and listening) to the Disquiet Junto group over at SoundCloud for a few weeks, and finally grew the stones to post something: This week’s assignment had us generating a core rhythm using an arbitrary phrase, put into Morse code, and then building on that. The bar’s pretty high over there, but I […]

new uploads: industry, comes pale horse.

Uploaded two more drafts to the soundcloud site, minor remixes from the 2002 material: industry and comes pale horse. This one is built on some AM radio samples. Mostly random news/talk radio late one night in the Christmas season, whatever sounds I happened to slew by as I moved the radio dial back and forth […]

A Second Spin.

Pulled disc 2 of the Syd Barrett album, hardly any crackle. I must have only played it the one time, way back when. Last week I pulled my copy of Hugo Largo’s Drum. Funny how an album that was so important to me 23 years ago barely exists in the public record now. Just a […]

Update: What I’ve been working on.

Haven’t been posting on this or the other blog much, but I’ve been busy. The new home studio setup is working. I’ve been bouncing between working on new stuff, and reclaiming/repurposing pieces I did in the summer of 2002 but never got around to formally releasing. There’s 45+ minutes worth of it, so there’s no […]

Bandcamp release: Outside

I’ve set up a site on Bandcamp. The first release is an album of two pieces based on work from 2003. I had been lurking on the old microsound mailing list, and a thread on capturing environmental sounds inspired me to try my own hand at making an altered/found-sound piece. There are a number of […]

Lessons and Carols.

Bought a well-used (and, sadly, well-crackled) LP copy of the King’s College Choir from Christmas 1958. Finally got around to googling it today, and found out that the recording’s fairly well known. Well known enough that the BBC actually remastered the recording into 4:0 “Surround” just this past Christmas. (Not clear from the article what […]


The turnable saga continues. The headshells came, they look pretty good. Slightly heavier than the one that came with the Stanton, but not by much. They’ll do. The new cartridge/needle assembly also came, as did the rubber mat, and the new USB audio interface. That all gets assembled tomorrow. I did have some time to […]

Spinnin’ Wheel.

Well, it’s done. ¬†Ordered a Stanton T.92 turntable (USB), and it came the next day. ¬†Decided to go with a DJ-style turntable because it would (1) Probably be more physically robust, (2) be easier to set up and more forgiving in actual use, and (3) I’m using this for sampling, not archiving. I wanted the […]

21st Century Fripp

Financial Times has a short but good interview with the inimitable Robert Fripp. The most recent music I had heard from him was A Blessing of Tears and 1999 (more soundscapes were made later on, in the early-00’s as well… need to find those). From the tone of the article, Fripp does appear to have […]