Tomorrow Came (2013 : The Year in Review)

Well, not really. But Disquiet Junto Project #0104 had us go through our past year’s work, and splice five seconds per month into a one minute year-in-review piece: Details (and links to the source tracks) are at the SoundCloud Link. In other news, last week’s Disquiet had us make a secular holiday track, using material […]

a shining tree [disquiet0102-sonictinsel]

For Disquiet Junto Project #0102, we were asked to make a one-minute loop that was “glistening, reflective and gentle” to make a secular holiday track: Done in Ableton Live. Used a Collision patch to make the tolling sound, and ran a Korg WAVESTATION soft synth through the effects part of the emulated Korg MS-20 to […]

constraint groups, all the rage…

Newmusicbox has a brief interview with Marc Weidenbaum about the Disquiet Junto. (The newmusicbox site looks pretty good in general, I’m largely linking to the article so I’ll remember to check it out later). Also found another ‘constraints-based exercise’ SoundCloud group, this one with a monthly deadline, where the stimulus is a particular photo. Could […]

Disquiet Catch-up (#77, #78 and #79)

Real life has been brutal, frankly, so I haven’t been updating the music blog even though I’ve managed to participate in a few Disquiet projects since the last post. First, #77, ‘disquiet0077-netlabelsplice’: This project gave us links to three deriv-friendly netlabel tracks, and specified a time range for each of them. We were to take […]

Disquiet Junto 0073: Faulty Notation

The Disquiet Junto project for this week assigned us an excerpt of a geological/topographical map of the San Andreas fault line. Mine is below: There were many map excerpts, but this one was mine. I started out with no real idea as to how to approach this, but soon found myself making a detailed markup […]

disquiet #0069 : the four elements

This week’s Disquiet Junto project had us downloading four sound sources from, one for each of the classical elements (earth, air, fire and water). I used Audiomulch for this one, along with a couple of the Korg Legacy Collection VST plugins (specifically, the filter bank section of an emulated Korg M-20 –which I find […]

disquiet #0067: odysseymachine

Last week’s Disquiet had us perform another set of random processes to determine which Line from which Book of this translation of The Odyssey (well, technically Ulysses… this version uses the Roman names). We were then to use speech synthesis and processing to render the line we had chosen: This is from Book 7, Line […]

new theme

Given the essential sadness of the 66th Junto Project, I’ll just point to that; and to the 65th.

Disquiet Junto projects 62 & 63.

Between dayjob demands and dealing with a seemingly non-ending stream of weekly blizzards, I’ve been lax at updating. Here’s the last two Disquiet Junto projects I participated in. Last week, everyone built a piece using three sine waves as the building blocks: And this past weekend, folks were asked to use a source track (Italian […]

disquiet: i, io.

I had started last week’s disquiet project, but then nature intervened with three feet of snow. That said, this week’s project had us using our own voices for raw material. This worried me (singing is not exactly my forté), plus I intentionally forced myself to use Audiomulch, which I barely know, as part of the […]

let me tell you… (phonemetransmit)

Disquiet #0057 had us working with voice samples from three languages. Pick four words from each, and do something with the twelve. The full set is posted here. In other news: Laurie Anderson interviews Brian Eno in this article. And some Boston organization I’ve never heard of before is asking for funding to have another […]

woodpecker summons time (disquiet0056-matteroftime)

This was last week’s Disquiet, I wanted to post it here before I forgot (busy week): Process details are over there, no need to repeat them here. Used a simple drawing tablet as a ‘controller’ (ie pen) for Live. The pen doesn’t work well at all for adjusting volume/effect/etc controls, but those are already mapped […]

update (release notes, basically)

Haven’t had much time to write on here. I had to skip last week’s Junto, but managed this week’s (even with Arisia over the weekend). This week’s exercise (disquiet0055-twoscrews) had us rework two pieces (Do and Re) from Nils Frahm’s Screws: Done with Ableton Live (yes, still stuck back in 5.2.2) and Audacity. Project details […]

the boatman’s dream (at year’s end).

My second attempt at a Disquiet Junto project. I had to sit out last week’s junto as that called for a ‘musical diary’ using work from throughout the year, and I’ve only been doing this again since June. Embarrassing, that. Fortunately, there’s no pressure, so I’ll just do it as I can. So, for this […]

never again (disquiet junto)

I’d been lurking (and listening) to the Disquiet Junto group over at SoundCloud for a few weeks, and finally grew the stones to post something: This week’s assignment had us generating a core rhythm using an arbitrary phrase, put into Morse code, and then building on that. The bar’s pretty high over there, but I […]