The Wakeup Machine

Back in 2011-2013 or so, this was originally supposed to be a music blog. Life, politics, the Meme Wars, COVID etc intervened.

After I sold the old house back in 2019, I no longer had room for a dedicated music studio. I did try to work laptop-only for awhile, but honestly, that has never worked for me. I’ve learned the hard way that I need a big screen, a wide standing desk/table, and a dedicated space with proper speakers to get anything done, musically. (Adding a 20-30 minute setup time to your music rig tends to snuff out spontaneity. By the time you get all of the equipment working, you no longer… “feel like it”).

I did develop something of a hardware synth habit during COVID, and some of that casual output did end up on Soundcloud. Also, quite a bit of guitar, none recorded. (Perhaps that will change soon).

Anyway, here it is, 2023, and I finally have some space in the new house to set up a semi-permanent studio again.

Behold! The Wakeup Machine…

Ableton Live. 10-12 tracks. I actually made the core of this a couple of months ago. Upon rediscovering it, I “finished” it to break in the new setup and did a basic mix. All samples (e.g. no MIDI instruments, this was all samplephonics).


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