King Elmo Go Boom.

I’ve held off a bit noting the Starship Launch Failure. Wanted to give the news a little time to settle. Even with his now-weakened Reality Distortion Field, King Elmo still gets special treatment by the press. The tech aspects are covered in depth elsewhere, but so far the basic knowns are: Basically the 30+ engine […]

black iron prison, velvet cage.

How does one destroy a Republic? You destroy the very notion of res publica. You convince the people that there is… no People. No civic space. No public forum. Every square inch of the planet, owned by someone. Every idea, every invention, every thought, every human creation of value, owned by someone. Every one of […]

always on a friday…

…another shooting. This one at a school in Connecticut. Twenty young kids, dead. Even the President, himself with kids in school, tears up a little as he talks about it. I have nothing to add or say that hasn’t been added or said. I just want to remember that (at this time, anyway) the Consensus […]