FFS. This Crap, Again…

So: Jack Teixera. D’affaire Snowden was about ten years ago, oddly enough. It was a very different political climate at the time: Trump was still just “a celebrity”. The ongoing War on Terror, initially started by GWB and his GOP a decade before, was now associated with Democrats in general and with Obama in particular. […]

black iron prison, velvet cage.

How does one destroy a Republic? You destroy the very notion of res publica. You convince the people that there is… no People. No civic space. No public forum. Every square inch of the planet, owned by someone. Every idea, every invention, every thought, every human creation of value, owned by someone. Every one of […]

slouching towards zanzibar…

SOTU is in a half hour or so. To my mind, this is when the second Obama Administration begins (everything since the election –Hagel, Brennan, drone memos, the fiscal cliff– has just been the usual noise and aftermath, at this scale). That just seems to be part of the national rhythm. Between that, and exhaustion, […]

one month later…

…to the day, I just realized. Obama and the Quants won. Now we’re four-weeks deep into the ambiguous aftermath, headed towards what has been billed as the ‘fiscal cliff’, a time bomb strapped to economy by the lame-duck Congress of 2010.  No one can agree what that means, exactly. All seem to agree that it […]

uncle joe

So Biden did, indeed, win the debate as only he could have. Triumph and rejoicing in many circles, though he apparently laughed and grinned more than allowed for a Democratic VP during a debate. Accusations that the tea-totaling Biden was ‘drunk’, or ‘losing control’ were the GOP spin of the day today. Offensive, frankly: You […]

mr ryan v. biden

Just realized that I pick up exactly where I left off at the old place. Symmetry is always an omen. We’ve built up these debates to the level of gladiatorial combat. It must have started with the Republican primary debates. The energy (and expectations) built up there carried over to this current cycle of cross-party […]

Assuming that they let us…

With work and seasonal issues, I haven’t had much time to comment on much of anything, here or elsewhere. I do think I’ve finally become over-saturated with politics. The frenzied pace at which the GOP leaps from outrage to outrage makes it impossible to really think about any of it. Which is (quite probably) the […]

Party Like It’s 1699.

I still haven’t been moved to comment any further on the GOP primaries: There is no shortage of people doing that. The choice is down to the 1890s Plutocrat, the 1950s Bircher, or one of two 1930s-style Catholic Fascists. Voter turnout for the primaries and caucuses has been low, but the enthusiasm of the GOP […]

That’s Just It, We Are the Grownups…

Stopped posting through the holidays… I’m thinking this is probably because I never intended this to be a ‘Political Blog’, there’s enough of those for people to read if they want to, and I already have some election fatigue, myself. But politics is what I’m used to writing about, after all those years of USENET […]

“But wait, I thought you people wanted an asshole…”

Barely two weeks in the limelight, and Gingrich starts announcing how much he’d like to dispatch US Marshals to arrest “Activist” (i.e. too-liberal) judges who make decisions he doesn’t like. Turns out that Newt’s peculiar techno-rebrand of 1930s Catholic Fascism isn’t going to have legs in Iowa, after all. So now, our little circus leaves […]

Gingrich rising… Again.

I remember my first attempt at a web page back in late 1994.  It was mostly just an excuse and an exercise to learn some HTML.  The term ‘blog’ had yet to be coined, but one does have to write something between the angle-brackets, so I drafted some little essay about Newt Gingrich (who had […]