disquiet: i, io.

I had started last week’s disquiet project, but then nature intervened with three feet of snow.

That said, this week’s project had us using our own voices for raw material. This worried me (singing is not exactly my forté), plus I intentionally forced myself to use Audiomulch, which I barely know, as part of the exercise. But here it is:

I’m going to continue working with Audiomulch, for awhile. I haven’t been able to configure it to use MIDI events (like a key press) to trigger/start/stop clips as easily as I can in Ableton Live, but I expect this problem to be solvable. Others have solved it already.

Meanwhile, I listened to Tubular Bells for the first time today, on the drive into work. The album’s almost as old as I am, and I had bought this CD set back in 2002, but there it sat in a box all this time.

No impressions yet (when you look at something 40 years past, ‘impressions’ degenerate into ‘historicism’ so I doubt I’ll even bother to go there). But I do note the whimsy. All that English Musical Whimsy, even back then.


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