woodpecker summons time (disquiet0056-matteroftime)

This was last week’s Disquiet, I wanted to post it here before I forgot (busy week):

Process details are over there, no need to repeat them here. Used a simple drawing tablet as a ‘controller’ (ie pen) for Live. The pen doesn’t work well at all for adjusting volume/effect/etc controls, but those are already mapped to the nano-kontroller. The tablet did seem a more fluid way to launch and stop clips. Especially when compared to the MPC nanopads I’ve been using to trigger clips. The pen was also, if not optimal, much better than the trackpad or the mouse in editing and manipulating the audio waveforms in Live’s clip editor.

Not really eager to spend gobs of money on better MIDI controllers, so I’ll keep using the pen and tablet for awhile and see how that works.

That’s it for now.


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