no peanuts in church…

…probably had something to do with allergic reactions in crowded spaces. The last time I was on an airplane, they wouldn’t give me my bag of peanuts. Because the kid in front of me was allergic. Some actuary had actually modeled, computed and assessed the risk of me spraying the kid in the seat in […]


Stumbled upon a cool (if oldish, 2008) article on the now-defunct BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Which (in hindsight) turned out to be the Bletchley Park of electronica. Influential, groundbreaking bleeps and bloops, at taxpayer expense. Thank you, taxpayer. We are forever grateful to you. I do miss having knobs and pedals to play with. Got another […]

A Second Spin.

Pulled disc 2 of the Syd Barrett album, hardly any crackle. I must have only played it the one time, way back when. Last week I pulled my copy of Hugo Largo’s Drum. Funny how an album that was so important to me 23 years ago barely exists in the public record now. Just a […]

Update: What I’ve been working on.

Haven’t been posting on this or the other blog much, but I’ve been busy. The new home studio setup is working. I’ve been bouncing between working on new stuff, and reclaiming/repurposing pieces I did in the summer of 2002 but never got around to formally releasing. There’s 45+ minutes worth of it, so there’s no […]

Bandcamp release: Outside

I’ve set up a site on Bandcamp. The first release is an album of two pieces based on work from 2003. I had been lurking on the old microsound mailing list, and a thread on capturing environmental sounds inspired me to try my own hand at making an altered/found-sound piece. There are a number of […]

Lessons and Carols.

Bought a well-used (and, sadly, well-crackled) LP copy of the King’s College Choir from Christmas 1958. Finally got around to googling it today, and found out that the recording’s fairly well known. Well known enough that the BBC actually remastered the recording into 4:0 “Surround” just this past Christmas. (Not clear from the article what […]


The turnable saga continues. The headshells came, they look pretty good. Slightly heavier than the one that came with the Stanton, but not by much. They’ll do. The new cartridge/needle assembly also came, as did the rubber mat, and the new USB audio interface. That all gets assembled tomorrow. I did have some time to […]

Spinnin’ Wheel.

Well, it’s done.  Ordered a Stanton T.92 turntable (USB), and it came the next day.  Decided to go with a DJ-style turntable because it would (1) Probably be more physically robust, (2) be easier to set up and more forgiving in actual use, and (3) I’m using this for sampling, not archiving. I wanted the […]

21st Century Fripp

Financial Times has a short but good interview with the inimitable Robert Fripp. The most recent music I had heard from him was A Blessing of Tears and 1999 (more soundscapes were made later on, in the early-00’s as well… need to find those). From the tone of the article, Fripp does appear to have […]

Back to the Future.

Surrounded by all the bits and pieces now. Now I just need to pick them all up and put them all back together again. Got a good deal on ACID Pro 7 yesterday, surprisingly so.  I had used it from very early Jan 2002 until March of that year, when I switched over to the […]

The Empire of the Senseless.

There are a lot of Wise Fools in media; on the television, on the radio, arguably even more of them out here in the blogipelago. Alleged domain-level experts (who just so happen to be lifelong career conservatives), always with some authoritative title from a well-funded institution after their name. I’m sure this intellectual niche has […]

Assuming that they let us…

With work and seasonal issues, I haven’t had much time to comment on much of anything, here or elsewhere. I do think I’ve finally become over-saturated with politics. The frenzied pace at which the GOP leaps from outrage to outrage makes it impossible to really think about any of it. Which is (quite probably) the […]

Party Like It’s 1699.

I still haven’t been moved to comment any further on the GOP primaries: There is no shortage of people doing that. The choice is down to the 1890s Plutocrat, the 1950s Bircher, or one of two 1930s-style Catholic Fascists. Voter turnout for the primaries and caucuses has been low, but the enthusiasm of the GOP […]

That’s Just It, We Are the Grownups…

Stopped posting through the holidays… I’m thinking this is probably because I never intended this to be a ‘Political Blog’, there’s enough of those for people to read if they want to, and I already have some election fatigue, myself. But politics is what I’m used to writing about, after all those years of USENET […]

“But wait, I thought you people wanted an asshole…”

Barely two weeks in the limelight, and Gingrich starts announcing how much he’d like to dispatch US Marshals to arrest “Activist” (i.e. too-liberal) judges who make decisions he doesn’t like. Turns out that Newt’s peculiar techno-rebrand of 1930s Catholic Fascism isn’t going to have legs in Iowa, after all. So now, our little circus leaves […]

Gingrich rising… Again.

I remember my first attempt at a web page back in late 1994.  It was mostly just an excuse and an exercise to learn some HTML.  The term ‘blog’ had yet to be coined, but one does have to write something between the angle-brackets, so I drafted some little essay about Newt Gingrich (who had […]