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  • The Wakeup Machine

    May 18, 2023 by

    Back in 2011-2013 or so, this was originally supposed to be a music blog. Life, politics, the Meme Wars, COVID etc intervened. After I sold the old house back in 2019, I no longer had room for a dedicated music studio. I did try to work laptop-only for awhile, but honestly, that has never worked… Read more

  • on twitter, and the sole proprietor…

    April 28, 2023 by

    Here’s why I stopped long-form blogging all those years ago: I didn’t see the point of it. Because, you see, No Audience. No Pushback. By 2013 the blogosphere was already in decline. Too many of us out there, no way to share ideas with Others without having to turn oneself into a Brand, to attract… Read more

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